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Unapologetically Healing Trauma: Journal

Unapologetically Healing Trauma: Journal
LGBTQIA+ Embracing Identity Through Art
Girls Got Goals: Princess Yara


School Planning - planner available

Staying organized and on top of schoolwork can be a real challenge for students with ADHD. This school planner provides a comprehensive system to help manage time, tasks, and materials effectively.

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97 page planner for purchase…

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Multiple Sclerosis and Psychotherapy

Guided Imagery Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Education About Imagery

Some can readily describe their internal imagery without help, others may require assistance. Some people will be anxious about discussing imagery, fearing "weird" or "crazy".

Normalize the exp…

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Psychotropic Medication Support

A combination of Psychotherapy and Medication can often be required when treating Mental Illness.

Overview and Type of Group

Psychotropic medication support group is a psychoeducational group for adults. Psychoeducational groups focus on developing its’ members i…

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Small Group Therapy

Group counseling can provide individuals with the opportunity to discuss their problems and feelings with a group of people who understand and support them.

  • This curriculum focuses on building emotional intelligence, resilience, and communication skills in…
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