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Psychotropic Medication Support

Psychotropic Medication Support

A combination of Psychotherapy and Medication can often be required when treating Mental Illness.

Overview and Type of Group

Psychotropic medication support group is a psychoeducational group for adults. Psychoeducational groups focus on developing its’ members in areas of cognition, affective, and behavioral skills, as well as providing targeted education on a variety of psychological issues that impart, discuss and integrate factual information.

This group is designed to offer members the same as described above, as well as Brief Group therapy. BGT is a form of therapy that consists of being time limited, professionally led, and having clear ground rules as the leader provides structure

Group Empowering Goals

Group Objectives: 

To design appropriate intervention and achieve desired treatment goal for both patients and clinicians, as well as health care providers.

  • Psychotropic medication support group seeks to assist its' members by offering psychoeducational groups that discuss, and integrate, factual information about psychotropic medication(s).
  • Provide targeted education on a variety of psychological issues that impart, discuss, and integrate information, helping to maximize therapeutic progress into areas of their lives where they desire to seek change.

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